Where to Watch NFL and College Football in Austin

September marks my favorite time of the year: the return of football season. I grew up watching football with my dad when I was younger. Sunday’s were devoted to church, family lunch and watching The Bears play. I grew up in Chicago, so my NFL team will always and forever be the Chicago Bears. My alma mater is The University of Texas at Austin, therefore, I wear my horns proudly (#hookem). Football is one of my favorite sports to watch live and I take my football weekends quite seriously

I’m going to share a true and funny story with you guys. I’ve always identified myself with more of a tomboy than a “girly girl.” One time in elementary school during recess, I had to choose between hanging out with the girls or playing football on the field with the boys. I kid you not, I was given an ultimatum by a group of girls I considered my “friends:” choose football and you can’t play with the girls. GASP. Guess what, I chose football #sorrynotsorry

Now that I’m older and can order drinks legally, nothing screams football more than pizza, chicken wings and a bucket of beer. Where to watch football is part of that game day tradition, am I right? I saved you the trouble for finding that perfect spot. As a treat to you, here are my picks for restaurants/bars that are perfect for any football watch party (in no particular order):

Photo of Buford's Backyard Beer Garden - Austin, TX, United States. This is the view from the left entrance to the backyard. It's closer to the restrooms but farther from the main entrance.
image courtesy of Moses S./Yelp

Buford’s Backyard Beer Garden

They have SO many beers on tap and you can’t go wrong with the patio seating and Via 313 pizza. Side note – this is a Chicago Bears bar (but others are welcome too, of course)

Photo of Pluckers - Austin, TX, United States. This location is small but cool
image courtesy of Bhavika C./Yelp

Pluckers Wing Bar

Pluckers has locations all throughout Austin and the wings are almost a religion here. Their Rio Grande location is home to UT students, so if you don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of college kids, I suggest you avoid that location if you can because it’s small and gets crowded easily. On the plus side, across all of their locations they place TV’s in every angle of their restaurants, which is highly appreciated

Photo of Haymaker - Austin, TX, United States. Pool And Pabst- a winning combinationimage courtesy of Gerrud W./Yelp


I LOVE the atmosphere at Haymaker because they have a little bit of everything for everyone. They have a dog-friendly outdoor patio that also offers a game of corn hole, billiards tables inside and TV’s everywhere. Grab yourself a beer here and bites off their menu! All is good in this place

Photo of Lavaca Street Bar - Austin, TX, United Statesimage courtesy of Lavaca Street Bar/Yelp

Lavaca Street South Lamar

What I appreciate of this bar are the prices. Everything is reasonably priced and you can get a bucket of domestics for $15 and happy hour specials for those who sport their gameday spirit

Photo of Craftsman - Austin, TX, United Statesimage courtesy of Alex L./Yelp


Houston Texans fans can find themselves here and you can also find 8th Wonder beer specials

Photo of The Varsity Pizza & Pints - Austin, TX, United States
image courtesy of The Varsity/Yelp

The Varsity

Cheap pizza and pints – what’s wrong about that? This is the place for watching UT Football in my opinion. It just screams college tradition

Who is your favorite team? Do you have a weird game day tradition? Drop me a comment fam!


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