Where To Find The BEST Chicken Wings In Austin

So you guys all know that I LOVE pizza, but I think chicken wings are a close second. There’s just something about biting into a fried and crispy wing that gets my taste buds watering! I’m a flats over drumsticks kind of girl because of that reason 😉

With sports coming back into season again, I thought it would be appropriate to share my list of the BEST chicken wings in Austin (in no particular order):

College Roadhouse

College Roadhouse Korean-fried chicken wings

The wings at College Roadhouse are, in my opinion, among the best in town and easily my favorite. The Korean-Style fried chicken wings here are huge, flavorful, and always cooked to a crispy, tender perfection. If you don’t come to College Roadhouse for their chicken wings, definitely visit for the hospitality and the soju 😉

Halal Wings

Halal Wings

Halal Wings just recently opened up off of Barbara Jordan blvd and I tried it out on a whim one day for dinner. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. The chicken wings here were cooked perfectly and by perfect I mean crispy and moist. They also have a pretty awesome meal for 2 deal so if you want something cheap, but flavorful. This is a great neighborhood chicken wing spot!


Wingz Up chicken wings

This place is an underrated gem. It’s north of campus and tucked away in the Hancock Center, which is the same plaza as the HEB on 41st. The wings here are BIG and they have a huge variety of sauces and dry rubs to choose from. If you’re more into boneless wings, they do 60 cent wings on Tuesdays!

Tommy Want Wingy

Tommy Want Wingy
Image courtesy of Tommy Want Wingy Facebook

Where are all my food truck lovers at? Tommy Want Wingy is a food truck serving up some serious wings on Rainey Street and at Cosmic Coffee. They’re primarily known for their chicken lollipops, a fun take on serving up traditional chicken wings


Pluckers chicken wings
Image courtesy of Pluckers Facebook

A UT college student classic. If you want the true Texas Longhorn college experience, stop by Pluckers, order up some chicken wings and a side of fried macaroni. You won’t be disappointed!

Donkey Mo’s

Donkey Mo's KFC
Image courtesy of Donkey Mo’s KFC Instagram

Donkey Mo’s is located in North Austin, inside the H-Mart Eatery and Lakeline Mall. They serve up some seriously good Koren-style fried chicken wings! I recommend getting your order of wings sauced up in either the Soy Garlic or Sweet & Spicy sauce, and don’t forget your side order of pickled radish to add some acidity to your meal

Contigo at Fareground

Contigo Fareground chicken wings
Image courtesy of Contigo Fareground Instagram

I don’t know what it is, but the chicken wings at Contigo Fareground are super addicting. You have the option of getting them in Dry Kimchi Rub or Lemon Pepper, which are both equally delicious. I always get an order of the crispy green beans as well. If you’re in downtown Austin, definitely stop by and order yourself some chicken wings!

Hi Wings

Hi Wings

Hi Wings gives you the option to have your chicken wings fried naked or battered. You honestly can’t go wrong with either option. Have I mentioned that these are JUMBO wings and they definitely do not skimp out on the size! This is a great place to try if you live near the Shoal Creek area of Austin

Bonchon Chicken

Bonchon chicken wings
Image courtesy of Bonchon Chicken Instagram

When this place first opened up in Round Rock, I was soooo excited because I only heard great things about it! It’s another Korean-style fried chicken wing place, but they’ve been around for a while, so they definitely know what they’re doing


Wingstop chicken wings
Image courtesy of Wingstop Instagram

Don’t even trip. Y’all know that the wings from Wingstop are BOMB. And don’t tell me that the fries from here are not special. My go-to order from Wingstop will forever and always be: 10 FLATS, half lemon pepper, half garlic parm, fries well done, veggie sticks and a side of ranch

Are there any places that I missed? Let me know in the comments what your favorite chicken wing place is in Austin!

With love,


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  1. only available on wednesdays unfortunately…but the Sinigang Wings from Be More Pacific i told you about!

    and I got my eyes on those Halal Wings

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