Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Ideas

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and what do you have? A BUNCH of leftovers. What to do, what to do? I’m an advocate for not wasting any food, so repurposing my leftovers into tastier dishes are right up my alley. Here are some recipe ideas to put those Thanksgiving leftovers, from turkey to stuffing and all the sides to sauces, to good use!

*disclaimer: these aren’t full blown recipes, rather creative ideas to consider

Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover Ideas

Thanksgiving Turkey Breakfast Tacos

I’m from Austin, and nothing screams Austin like breakfast tacos. Warm up some turkey. Top with cheese (I’d recommend brie) and some cranberry sauce if you’re feeling fancy. Fried onions would add in a nice crunchy element. Put everything into a warm tortilla and breakfast is ready!

Hearty Thanksgiving Turkey Pasta Bake

Honestly, you can pasta bake anything. Make a pot of your favorite pasta noodles and sauce. Toss in leftover turkey pieces. Pour everything into a greased casserole dish. Top with seasoned breadcrumbs or some leftover stuffing. Pop it in the oven until the top gets nice and golden brown and you’re good to go!

Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

Have leftover turkey and drippings? Make a soup! Utilize the drippings to create a roux, add in some carrots, onions, celery. Pour in some chicken stock (or even better, turkey stock if you didn’t waste the bones). Shred in some leftover turkey and viola! Soup is served

Thanksgiving Leftover Side Ideas

Potato Gratin Hash

One pan dishes are my jam! Throw your potatoes in a hot skillet, add in some leftover turkey, pour in some gravy. Top with a fried egg or two and you’re good to go!

Stuffed Turkey Bell Peppers

Want to feel a bit healthier after Thanksgiving? Stuffing bell peppers with leftover turkey and stuffing might be a good way to ease your way back into a healthy-ish diet. Add in some fresh vegetables to lighten everything up. Bake and enjoy

Sweet Potato Casserole Croquets 

Leftover mashed potatoes of any kind would make a delicious croquette! If you want to utilize more than just leftover potatoes, throw in some leftover ham or turkey in the middle before you bread up your potato pocket and deep fry it until it’s golden brown and ready to be devoured

One of the main reasons why I love Thanksgiving is because the holiday is centered around food. Food has been and will always be one of my favorite ways to connect with people. There’s just something so magical about surrounding a table with yummy dishes and sharing it with the people you love or someone you just met.

What’s your favorite way to use your Thanksgiving leftovers? Drop me a comment, fam


With love,


enjoy pictures of some of the dishes my family and I made for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner: potato gratin, wilted kale with prosciutto and lemon, homemade stuffing, classic Thanksgiving turkey

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