One of Austin’s Best: Kemuri Tatsu-Ya

So, Eater recently came out with their list of The 12 Best New Restaurants in America and Austin’s very own Kemuri Tatsu-Ya landed on the list! It’s a cute little restaurant on the east side that serves up some bomb Japanese-Texas fusion treats. I visited the restaurant a few weeks back so here’s a recap of some of the foods I was able to try:

Texas Ramen

Could putting brisket in ramen be sacrilegious? Maybe, but I was NOT mad about it one bit. This just might be the epitome of what a Japanese-Texas fusion meal should be. An easy 10/10 dish.

Classic Karaage Chicken

It’s fried chicken thighs… do I really need to explain why this tastes good?

Tokyo Street Corn

Now if you know me, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE elotes (Mexican street corn). Taking Mexican street corn and adding in some Japanese flavors like bonito flakes and yuzu for some acid, not a bad move. Definitely something you should try if you’re into elotes like yours truly.

Chili Cheese Takoyaki

Ahhh, classic Japanese octopus fritters. How do you add in Texas flavors? Cover these suckers in chili cheese. Oh yes they did. Nothing better than frying something and covering it in delicious, melted cheese. Without a doubt, my second favorite dish behind the Texas Ramen.

If you’re thinking about visiting Kemuri Tatsu-Ya, I highly suggest you do. Round up a group of friends, order a couple rounds of drinks and prepare yourself for a Japanese-Texas feast. I’ll definitely be back!

With Love,

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