My Seattle & Portland Travel Guide

I recently visited the beautiful Pacific Northwest (PNW) and to say that I fell in love is an understatement. Part of my heart was left behind in Seattle and Portland and I guarantee you that I will be back – hopefully sooner than later.

As a gift to y’all, here’s a list of things you MUST do when you’re in the Seattle/Portland area:

Pike Place Market

  • Eat, eat, eat! There’s so much to eat and a ton of variety. If I could do it all over again, I’d stop by every restaurant and pick up a few bites to eat to take to the waterfront for a small picnic
  • You HAVE to get the Greek yogurt from Elleno’s. To. Die. For. Pretty sure I stopped by at least 3 times during my trip. #NoShame
  • There’s also a TON of Instagram-worthy spots at Pike Place. Here’s a couple spots I recommend:
    • Gum Wall
    • Take pictures with the fresh flowers
    • Literally anywhere in that area…

Pier 59 & Elliot’s Oyster House

  • I’m no oyster connoisseur. I had no idea that oysters could taste differently based on where they came from or that you had the option of sweet vs. salty. Luckily for oyster noobs like myself, the waiters at Elliot’s can choose a couple for you to try if you have no idea what you’re doing. I HIGHLY recommend this place. Go there you must


  • If you have time to spare, the PNW has SO many hiking trails! When you’re not eating, the best way to shed those calories is by experiencing a change in altitude and soaking up some fresh air

Starbucks Reserve & Roastery

  • It’s truly an experience different from an ordinary Starbucks lcoation. Plus, when you’re out and about all day, a cup of caffeine is just what the doctor ordered

Go up the Space Needle

  • If you’re afraid of heights, you might not have as much fun doing this. No words can describe the view up there and it’s a perfect photo-op!

Chihuly Garden and Glass

  • You’ve probably seen this all over Instagram when you look up “things to do in Seattle,” but there’s a reason why tourists flock to this attraction. Absolutely beautiful

Alki Beach Park

  • I couldn’t get over the fact that Seattle has a little beach town. It’s a great escape from the city vibe if you’re unable to get out into the trails and other parts of the wilderness

University of Washington, Seattle & U-District

  • The campus is absolutely gorgeous. It’s literally like a scene out of a movie
  • U-District has all the things to eat. So much variety since it’s right by campus and pretty affordable for any budget if you ask me

Mount Rainier

  • Thank God it wasn’t cloudy when I visited. I was able to get a gorgeous view of the mountain range and snap some very worthy tourist-y pics. The National Park also has a ton of outdoor activities for every athletic ability

Multnomah Falls

  • The drive from Seattle to Multnomah Falls is about 2-3 hours depending on the traffic. Once you’re there, parking might be tough and I don’t suggest taking a big car. You have to hike up a little more than a mile to reach the top of the falls, but the view and the awe of nature is totally worth it

Food Truck it up in Portland!

  • Literally every block in downtown Portland had a square devoted to food trucks. I was a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t decide on what to eat, but you honestly can’t be disappointed since the options are endless

Ask the Locals

  • This is something I recommend you do whenever you visit a new city. The locals know all of the best places to eat and things to do that Trip Advisor or Yelp won’t tell you. You might even make a new friend!

Of course, there’s definitely A LOT more to do out in the PNW than what I was able to fit into my schedule. I highly recommend visiting if you have the chance to. The area is absolutely gorgeous and the food is to die for. I probably gained a few pounds, but it was totally worth it. Mark my words Seattle & Portland, I WILL be back!


With Love,


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