At Home Teeth Whitening: Does It Work?


If you’re like me, you can’t stay away from coffee. It picks you up the morning and gives you that kick in the rear when you need it the most. If you’re also like me, your blood runs on wine and is the perfect way to end the night after a long day. As delicious and borderline necessary coffee and wine are to a sensible young woman in her 20s diet, they unfortunately ruin those pearly whites from overindulgence.

To be completely honest and transparent, I’ve actually been embarrassed to smile with my teeth ever since I was younger. Braces gave me a step towards having a straighter smile, but I have definitely neglected the importance of teeth whitening over the years. Side note: it’s the reason why I’ve mastered the “soft smile.”

ANYWAYS, I’ve tried multiple methods to try to get my teeth white. Whitening toothpaste, whitestrips, and most recently, charcoal powder. Despite SO many people advocating for charcoal whitening since it’s all natural and a cheaper alternative, it’s actually abrasive and overuse can damage teeth enamel. It was also extremely difficult to get the little bits of the charcoal powder out of my gums, even with flossing and mouthwash. Sad to say, the powders I’ve tried only cost me a couple bucks and a few days.

When I was approached by Smile Brilliant, I was hesitant to try another teeth whitening method due to lack of success on previous attempts. However, I did give them a chance to explain to me differences between their method and competitors. Here are the things that stuck out to me:

  1. Custom fitted trays means its tailored to my smile
  2. Their consideration for people with sensitive teeth
  3. It’s a similar process to getting your teeth whitened at the dentist
  4. It’s literally SO easy

So here’s all you have to do using this kit:

First, they send you their kit and a set of instructions on how to properly make your custom trays. You have to make your molds yourself and this was really fun to do, but you have to act fast if you want to get it right. Luckily they send you enough in case you mess up. So you roll the putty into balls, press them into the trays and press them into your teeth for a few minutes. All of my bracefaces will remember this feeling. Afterwards, you let them dry and send the molds off to Smile Brilliant to make your custom trays. Once you get them back, the rest is as easy as pie. Brush your teeth with water, squeeze an even line of the whitening gel across the bottom and top trays, put them in your mouth and relax! They recommend to whiten for 45 minutes to 3 hours, based on how sensitive your teeth are. I was able to last about an hour and a half each time I whitened.

Here’s my before and after comparison photos. Bottom picture is after 7 applications:

I absolutely LOVE how easy I could fit whitening into my schedule too. I like to whiten at night before bed while I’m watching Netflix, editing pictures or writing up new blog posts! It’s honestly that easy and you almost forget that you’re whitening. The only downside I have is when you’re done whitening and accidentally taste the gel as you remove the trays from your mouth. I’m not a huge fan of odd-tasting chemicals, but that’s literally the only thing I don’t like about this kit. Otherwise, I honestly and highly recommend this kit to anyone that wants to whiten their smile.

Thanks to SmileBrilliant, we’re partnering to give one of my readers a chance to win $149! That’s enough for their T3 Sensitive System. It’s only open to residents of the United States, Canada, UK and Australia. All you have to do is click this link: It’s as simple as that! Good luck friends 🙂

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