About Me

Welcome to The Laqui One

Hi there! My name is Jin (occasionally Janelle) and I started this blog with the intent to share my passions of all things food.

My love for food started at a young age. Food Network was my TV channel of choice on most days and I'd always pressure my cousins into playing "fake restaurant" so that I could be a pretend chef and whip up some mean dishes in my non-existent kitchen.

Fast-forward to college. I kid you not, I won a gag award for "Most Likely to do Food Porn." I have the pictures to prove it. It all started with me posting all of my meals on Instagram. Yes, my friends gave me shit for it (and they still do), but I didn't really care. I love food and if I want to take a picture of it, let me live my life fam! Lol.

So this blog is basically my creative escape. I love trying new restaurants, exploring new flavors, and experiencing different cultures through various cuisines. Come along with me as I document my adventures one meal at a time!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, it's pronounced La-Key (like lucky, except I'm not, lol).