A Beginner’s Guide to Smorgasburg LA

If you don’t know what Smorgasburg LA is, let me take the time to enlighten you. Every Sunday from 10AM – 4PM a parking lot in downtown LA hosts dozens of food vendors giving you the opportunity to get your #foodie on. If it’s your first time at Smorgasburg, it can definitely be overwhelming with the amount of options that are available. Allow me to do you a favor and present you with…

 A Beginner’s Guide to Smorgasburg LA!

  1. Before you go, check their website. They have a list of all their vendors and a calendar for what’s going down that Sunday
  2. Bring CASH – not all vendors take card
  3. Bring WATER or else find yourself blowing $2-3 every time you want something to drink
  4. Wear SUNSCREEN. It’s hot and sunny in LA and nobody wants to get skin cancer from spending a few hours outside eating
  5. Bring FRIENDS. Divide and conquer people! So many vendors means so many options. I’m not sure how much the average person can eat, but it’s definitely not equal to the amount of vendors they have at Smorgasburg
  6. And most importantly… wear COMFORTABLE clothing. You’re going to eat a LOT. Trust me now, thank me later

The variety at Smorgasburg is INSANE! Too much to eat, so little time. So pace yourself, enjoy the food and have fun in the California sun!

Have you been to Smorgasburg? What’s your favorite vendor? Drop me a comment fam!


With love,


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